Difference between a Housekeeper and a House Cleaner

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Housekeeper and house cleaner may sound the same. However, they essentially comprise two very unalike duties and jobs.  


Are you looking for a person that would do some meal preparation, wash and put away dishes, and change the sheets in your bed? Or, are you looking for a person to make appliances shine, scrub the toilets, and clean the kitchen? 


Housekeepers are people who stay in the house for a long time period and might have a lot of works within the house, keeping them busy all the time. Housekeepers are hired usually by families who offer anything required for the duty, and those materials and supplies remain in the house. 

  • A housekeeper does mopping, sweeping, dusting, and light cleaning. They usually do not do deep cleaning. 
  • They also wash and dry your dishes after every meal. 
  • A housekeeper also washes, folds, and irons your clothes. 
  • They also make beds and change your bed sheets. 
  • They also recycle, remove, and separate your garbage. 
  • A housekeeper will also be the one to restock some personal products, such as toilet paper. 
  • They are also the one who will organize the house when it is messy. 
  • A housekeeper can also run shops for the family. 
  • They are also the one who will prepare meals. 
  • Replace light bulbs 
  • Scooping litter boxes (if you have a pet) 

House Cleaner 

House cleaners are cleaners who arrive on scheduled time and day with all the appropriate equipment, products, and cleaning supplies. 

Usually, house cleaners are in the house for a particular period of time and take the supplies with them when they are done cleaning your house. Cleaners might be employed by a house cleaning company or be employed independently. 

Here are some jobs of a typical house cleaner: 

  • House cleaners do deep cleaning on almost every surface such as appliances, floors, toilets, tubs, sinks, countertops, and much more. 
  • They also sanitize and scrub kitchens from bottom to top. This includes the exterior of drawers and cabinets, appliances exteriors such as refrigerators and stoves, handles and knobs, light switch plate covers, backsplashes, drains and sinks, countertops, and much more. 
  • They also do general cleaning for your chairs and tables. 
  • A house cleaner also sanitizes and scrubs bathrooms from bottom to top. This includes drain and sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and chrome polishing.  
  • A house cleaner also does dusting light fixtures, picture frames, doors, baseboards, trim work, and much more.  
  • You could also ask a house cleaner to vacuum your carpet and upholstery. 
  • A house cleaner can also do mopping and vacuuming on hard floors. 
  • They could also do interior cleaning on your windows. 

You must hire a housekeeper if you think in terms of duties that are light with some thrown in organization. However, you must hire a house cleaner if you are looking for a cleaning in your entire house. You don’t have to worry where to find on though. Most companies have their own site, such as  

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