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Effects and Dangers of Improper Tree Pruning or Trimming

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There are a lot of damages that can take place due to improper pruning, and lion tailing, as well as topping, are just two of the worst things which can be done to the tree.

Reasons Why You Should Not Stop the Trees in Your Property 

Topping a tree involves removing its tops and limbs, leaving huge limbs that are stubbed off. As a matter of fact, this method will only kill a tree out right. Furthermore, if a tree survives, the tree has to tap into all its energy reserves in order to regrow the limbs from each cut. Unluckily, the moment this new long skinny limbs of the tree are re-growing around the outside part of each large wound, it then starts to rot over time. On the other hand, the new growth that is weakly attached usually breaks at the particular area of attachment, causing the tree to rot itself from the center, causing much weaker and even more dangerous limbs.

Typically, topping can slowly kill growing trees. Unfortunately, most growing trees are considered the best at compartmentalizing rot. In addition to that, the survivability of the tree after topping is quite high in softer wooded and faster-growing trees like ash trees or Maples. However, unfortunately, these are the kinds of trees that often rot the fastest since they are considered poor at compartmentalizing rot. Furthermore, this much softer wood can quickly become extremely hazardous after topping.

Actually, a heading is also the same as the topping. However, it is usually performed individually to every branch. In addition to that, heading back a limb of a tree has the same result as the topping. If the limb of a tree gets enough sunlight, chances are that it will re-sprout a lot of new tree branches from the cut. In fact, these branches of the tree are also attached weakly and most of the time it is unsightly.

On the other hand, tree branches that are properly pruned are less likely to re-sprout. Thus, if limbs that are completely exposed to the sun are headed back into a canopy and are shaded, it can possibly die.

Reasons Why You Should Never Try Lion-Tailing 

Also called as poodle-tailing, lion-tailing is performed through stripping the branches of all the tree’s lateral limbs, except for those branches at the end of each limb. This is very bad for a tree as it can cause a weakening effect to it over time. What most people don’t know is that limbs have a lot of living lateral limbs along its length. These lateral limbs also have the result of eventually strengthening the limb over time the moment they expand, yet they also have the effect that can increase the diameter of the limb.

In order to make sure that tree pruning or trimming is done properly and effectively, make sure that you only hire a professional and reputable Beaverton Oregon tree service provider since they are the most experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in this field, not to mentioned they are highly trained in order to provide high-quality tree services.

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